“Wanted to let you know that I feel great, the urges are pretty much gone and I feel that I may have turned the corner, Thanks again, you have magical powers that are very unique! Thanks again Angie, I’ll keep you updated.” -MT-

“Your voice is very soothing. That was a great session. I woke up this morning and I felt great. I’m feeling really optimistic and confident about everything, our session put me back on track and in focus. Thank you!!!!” –AK-

“I went to see Angie to help me overcome my social anxiety. I had tried other methods like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills but nothing seemed to help. It was like living under a dark cloud and I felt as if I would never be able to overcome these horrible feelings of anxiety and stress that would take over my body when I spoke to people! It was not a way to live. Through Internet research I discovered other people who have used hypnosis to help with their anxiety and I was more than willing to give it a shot. I connected with Angie immediately and after our first session I had this feeling of calmness that I had never experienced before and I knew this was going to work. The amount we accomplished in three sessions was more than what I went in there for. Not only did Angie use hypnosis to help my anxiety but she taught me techniques to use in everyday life to bring me more peace and relaxation. Since seeing Angie I have not experienced any anxiety and when a stressful situation comes my way I can handle it calmly with a clear, focused mind and I can bring my stress level down in just a short second. It feels like the weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders and I can control my own mind, body and life. Thank you Angie for this amazing, life changing experience.”   -CW-

“Wanted to thank you again for seeing me and helping me see the light! I am smoke free :)”   -AHM

Angie is a joy to be around! She is very kind, loving and with a sweet sense of humour. I don’t take hypnotherapy lightly in having someone program into my subconscious mind. It takes someone one can trust. I find Angie exceptionally trustworthy. She doesn’t take advantage of you at all, not even in the deepest trance. I feel her heart and integrity is genuine and focused on what she’s doing. She has faith in her work, which gives me the same faith to trust in the process. Even when revealing humiliating aspects of weaknesses, she is very kind, understanding and supportive, making me feel OK to be a human-being, working on myself with this special guidance in her sessions. I had some treatments years ago and found hypnotherapy useful and long lasting. It feels good to have a series of treatments with Angie, as there is type of trust being built, that is value for each additional treatment to go further and deeper for success. I feel very grateful for her being in my life.”  -MZ-

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your time yesterday, and the awesome session we had.  I appreciated your upbeat attitude, your concentration, and your attention to details.  I just wanted to say, that I felt you to be very kind and extremely thoughtful with all of the things you’ve said to me, under hypnosis!  You added so many things, and you said it sincerely, which I felt, and it really touched me deeply, your caring and efforts, to help me with my issues.

When I walked out of your office, I first noticed an extra bounce in my step.  It’s the first time in a while, that I felt like the dark cloud has lifted, from all of that sadness. I feel like my goals are doable and reasonable. You helped me get over my fears, and concerns.”  -SE-


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