Rise above the issues affecting your quality of life.  

Hypnosis will give you the control and confidence to succeed.

**Hypnosis sessions done as a live online video conference are just as effective as in-person. I’ve seen clients around the world (and locally) in this format for years, and it’s as easy as clicking a link — and we’re immediately connected.**

My name’s Angie Bender, and I am a hypnotherapist. I work with clients helping them get past issues that are negatively affecting their life. My love of hypnotherapy is matched only by my joy at being able to positively influence my clients.

I am a veteran of Vancouver Hypnotherapy, Vancouver’s leading hypnotherapy clinic. I also studied under Melissa Tiers, Don Mottin, Cal Banyan and I am 5- Path Certified and a 7-Path teacher.  As such, I am experienced in the most advanced hypnosis techniques and I’ve been lucky enough to take my skills and run with them. I’ve hypnotized people from Richmond to Rio de Janeiro  and love the fact that this is a skill that takes me all over the world.

When you are ready to make changes in your life, give me a call.

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